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Internal combustion engines have been powering our vehicles for over a hundred years, they have paved the way for a better-connected society worldwide. They allowed to reach farther places faster and they gave us the freedom to work and live wherever we wanted. Now after creating a world of transportation internal combustion engines can clear the road for cleaner engines – the engines of the 21st century. unlike traditional vehicles powered by gasoline, electrical engines reduce the omission of CO2 by 54%. That is why over a dozen countries, including Israel, have declared future to ban all sales of gasoline fueled vehicles, some will implement those plans as soon as 2025. These regulations have driven many car manufacturers to “electrify” their car models.
We are not here to tell you about the awesome advantages of electric cars, you know that don’t you? We are here to supply the infrastructure and solutions that will make your trip into this worldwide revolution easier and more cost efficient.

We are here because we believe in a cleaner world

EVCharge a member of the Orad Group


Orad began developing the field of charging network for electric vehicles in 2017, driven by strategic vision and existing company experience in the field of country wide distribution infrastructure, support and service.
For that purpose, we have established EVCharge. EVCharge signed a distribution agreement with the Dutch company EVBox of the French energy corporation Engie – to be their local distributor

EVBox manufactures and installs the most advanced electric charging stations, including remote control monitoring. EVCharge can manage authorization and billing, using the most advanced management software, which currently manages and operates tens of thousands of charging stations around the world

EVCharge offers operational stations for deploying a network in the public sector – PublicLine, in the business sector – BusinessLine, as well as for car fleets and installation of private stations (Elvi).
We also offer fast and ultra-fast charging stations to be installed on main roads .

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