Your own private “fueless” station! Simple, cost effective

Elvi – Our Home Charging Solution

Home Charging


Conveniently and at your doorstep

A functional user-friendly charging station with a modular design which allows charging for any and all types of EV.

The ultimate solution for private houses
and apartment building

  • The charging station can be installed in any formation: mounted on the wall or attached to the ground/floor.
  • We provide operational management and energy consumption per charging station and consumer.
  • We provide the billing option to charge your car at home and to bill your workplace if needed.
  • Our solutions allow for transaction management between tenants and building management companies.


Aesthetic, Advanced, Durable, Modular design

  • Easy Simple installation
  • Simple operation via proximity card
  • Adheres to worldwide Standards including
    The Israeli Standards institute 
  • Durable, requires basic simple maintenance

The 3Es – Easy to install, Easy to use, Easy to upgrade

It’s as easy as – plug in the cable to the charger’s socket and plug out to drive. Simple function so that you can enjoy your EV with minimum effort and maximum comfort.

Do you live in an apartment building? Would you like to charge your EV in the shared parking space? Our advanced software will calculate your portion – after charging the car it is automatically sent to be paid.

Do you have an EV leased by your workplace? Don’t worry we can provide a solution for any private electrical charging by your car to be forwarded and paid by your workplace.

Technical Specifications



Floor or Foundation



6-11 kg





Cable length

4 or 8 meters


Charging capacity

3.7kW | 7.4kW | 11kW | 22kW

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